About Us

India is known as the land of spices, where we have over 40 popular spices!

Encompassing these centuries of culinary traditions from all over the subcontinent we established Spice Rush in 2014. We bring to you top quality and fresh spices that are used for all Indian dishes.

Farmers are our Food Soldiers. We at SpiceRush, keep in mind the need to empower farmers to make the supply chain strong by reducing middlemen, thereby ensuring great profit margins to farmers & fresh harvest to customers. The short duration we take for the spices to reach you from the farmers ensures a great aroma & visible freshness from the colours & flavours.

Indian curry powders in our cooking have characteristics that were originally a therapeutic blend of spices. It includes turmeric, cumin seed, coriander seeds & chilly amongst others.  Use them in curries, pickles, vegetable dishes, stir-fry and soups/stews or sauces.  An emperor once said, “Spices are the friend of physicians and pride of cooks” and rightly so! SpiceRush brings all the experience, passion & love to your Rasoi/Kitchen, through our hand-crafted whole spices, spice powders, chutneys & chutney powders.

Chutney is an inseparable part of an Indian meal in one form or the other. Chutneys & Chutney powders have entered every kitchen gaining an unprecedented popularity due to its now acknowledged health properties, also as an affordable & delectable side dish. An exciting array of Chutneys & Chutney Powders that we have carefully chosen to curate & serve you can balance your meal. These traditional side dishes are not only healthy, but are also incredibly tasty with a lot of health benefits.  Simply spoon them straight out of the jar or experiment them with varied cuisines, they will never fail to rejuvenate your taste buds.

When the world is accepting its healing properties, we must revisit the expansive Indian, Asian cuisine to benefit more during these testing times when the importance of resistibility & immunity cannot be any more over emphasized.